Bright Ideas for Small Businesses


Business Development 

Business Development is as important as providing excellent services and products to your customers. As difficult as it may be to think about this area of the business, it has to be done routinely and consistently to have customers and clients.  If you don’t have the time or the knowledge of how to do this, DMA Marketing does have the experience and the time to help you – as little or as much as you need. Our focus is to strategize with you, establish a plan, work out promotions that are profitable, and discuss advertising strategies. We are hands-on consultants that will work with you and for you to make the marketing and business development process manageable, maintainable and above all, easy or at least, easier.  If it proves to be something that you can’t possibly handle on a regular basis, then, we can do it for you on a retainer to keep your costs in control.

Project Management

Project Management is one of our specialties. Don’t have time to hire the graphic designer, the web team and the media? We can set up the scope of the project, obtain bid pricing and quotes, establish the parameters for building your brand, launching social media or advertising campaigns and make sure that you approve each step of the project.

It is all about the process and staying focused on the budget and the goal or end result. We have done this before and we can help you with this time-consuming and dauntless task.

Product Launch (From concept to reality!)

We like (no love) taking something out of the box and making it into reality! A lot of fun ideas can just fall apart, cost too much and then have no hope of being achieved. You need to have a strong foundation, a realistic budget and a lot of optimism to carry you past any small (or big) failures. With Dawn’s background in architecture, design and yes, engineering, she applies a “dreaming with your feet on the ground” philosophy to new product and new concept launches. Having a strong team with cross-functional backgrounds always helps bring a concept from the negative income stage to profitability and a positive ROI on your investment.

There is no reason you can’t accomplish what you want to achieve, you just have to use a sense of practicality with the “if you build it they will come” plan for future success.

Brand Development

Do you have a new brand or one that has become commonplace, stale or lost it’s edge in this new world? Either way, the best start is with a solid foundation and enhancing.  Changing or re-building the brand image can make the difference between losing market share or reversing the trend and making money.

With a new concept design, you also need a high-level analysis and plan – from establishing sales projections, analyzing profitability and establishing pricing models, the financial review that you may hate to do is (absolutely) needed to take this next step. It won’t get any easier the longer you wait. We will help you focus, ask you the right questions and help you develop the plan and the strategy to maintain it over the life of the concept.

Media and Ad Planning

Do you have an advertising budget? Do you think you are spending money and you don’t know if it is working or where you should spend more to bring in more of the same loyal customers you count on to meet your daily, weekly and monthly sales goals. Do you know how much to spend on Google? (or, maybe, you don’t want to admit that you don’t quite understand SEO, SEM and PPC)? You’ve been spending money on printed news papers, yellow pages, and/or direct mail but you don’t have any idea what is working or wonder if you should be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest or, even what those things are and why they matter?

At DMA Marketing, we can help you develop a reasonable budget, tie the budget to seasonal and annual sales or growth goals, and develop a plan with the right mix of advertising media will work to accomplish those goals: print? Online? direct mail? Help guide you to using Google Adwords, tracking conversions (huh? Yea, we can help with that, too) and teach you how to handle media buying going forward.

Hat Girl

No Food, No Farms – A Bumper Sticker or an Advertisement?

So, everyone knows this to be true, right? If there are no farms, there will be no food. So, I agree with this statement – and yes, it is a statement (not just a bumper sticker) – and it is put right out there for all the world (driving behind you) to see. In advertising,…

2 years in the making

Now we are getting started. After more than two years in the making, DMA Marketing finally (yes! Finally!!) has a website and the earliest start of a blog. Look out!